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Core Concepts

GeoHealthCheck is built with the following concepts in mind:

  • Resource: a single, unique endpoint, like an OGC WMS, FTP URL, or plain old web link. A GeoHealthCheck deployment typically monitors numerous Resources.
  • Run: the execution and scoring of a test against a Resource. A Resource may have multiple Runs
  • Each User owns one or more Resources
  • Each Resource is tested, “probed”, via one or more Probes
  • Each Probe typically runs one or more requests on a Resource URL
  • Each Probe invokes one or more Checks to determine Run result
  • Probes and Checks are extensible Plugins via respective Probe and Check classes
  • One or more Tags can be associated with a Resource to support grouping
  • One or more Recipient can be associated with a Resource. Each Recipient describes:
    • communication channel
    • target identifier

Data Model

GHC Data Model

Figure - GHC Data Model