Source code for GeoHealthCheck.check

from plugin import Plugin
from result import CheckResult

[docs]class Check(Plugin): """ Base class for specific Plugin implementations to perform a check on results from a Probe. """ def __init__(self): Plugin.__init__(self) self.probe = None # Lifecycle
[docs] def init(self, probe, check_vars): """ Initialize Checker with parent Probe and parameters dict. :return: """ self.probe = probe self.check_vars = check_vars self._parameters = check_vars.parameters self._result = CheckResult(self, check_vars) self._result.start()
# Lifecycle def set_result(self, success, message): self._result.set(success, message) self._result.stop() # Lifecycle
[docs] def perform(self): """ Perform this Check's specific check. TODO: return Result object. :return: """ pass