Source code for GeoHealthCheck.plugins.probe.ghcreport

import logging
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.utils import formataddr

from flask_babel import gettext

from GeoHealthCheck.init import App
from GeoHealthCheck.probe import Probe
from GeoHealthCheck.result import Result
from GeoHealthCheck.util import render_template2, send_email

LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class GHCEmailReporter(Probe): """ Probe for GeoHealthCheck endpoint recurring status Reporter. When invoked it will get the overall status of the GHC Endpoint and email a summary, with links to more detailed reports. """ NAME = 'GHC Email Reporter' DESCRIPTION = 'Fetches Resources status summary ' \ 'from GHC endpoint and reports by email' RESOURCE_TYPE = 'GHC:Report' REQUEST_METHOD = 'GET' PARAM_DEFS = { 'email': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'A comma-separated list of email addresses \ to send status report to', 'default': None, 'required': True } } """Param defs""" def __init__(self): Probe.__init__(self)
[docs] def perform_request(self): """ Perform the reporting. """ # Be sure to use bare root URL http://.../FeatureServer ghc_url = self._resource.url.split('?')[0] # Assemble request templates with root FS URL summary_url = ghc_url + '/api/v1.0/summary/' # 1. Get the summary (JSON) report from GHC endpoint result = Result(True, 'Get GHC Report') result.start() try: response = self.perform_get_request(summary_url) status = response.status_code overall_status = status / 100 if overall_status in [4, 5]: raise Exception('HTTP Error status=%d reason=%s' % (status, response.reason)) summary_report = response.json() except Exception as err: msg = 'Cannot get summary from %s err=%s' % \ (summary_url, str(err)) result.set(False, msg) result.stop() self.result.add_result(result) return # ASSERTION - summary report fetch ok # 2. Do email reporting with summary report result = Result(True, 'Send Email') result.start() try: config = App.get_config() # Create message body with report template_vars = { 'summary': summary_report, 'config': config } msg_body = render_template2( 'status_report_email.txt', template_vars) resource = self._resource to_addrs = self._parameters.get('email', None) if to_addrs is None: raise Exception( 'No emails set for GHCEmailReporter in resource=%s' % resource.identifier) to_addrs = to_addrs.replace(' ', '') if len(to_addrs) == 0: raise Exception( 'No emails set for GHCEmailReporter in resource=%s' % resource.identifier) to_addrs = to_addrs.split(',') msg = MIMEText(msg_body, 'plain', 'utf-8') msg['From'] = formataddr((config['GHC_SITE_TITLE'], config['GHC_ADMIN_EMAIL'])) msg['To'] = ', '.join(to_addrs) msg['Subject'] = '[%s] %s' % (config['GHC_SITE_TITLE'], gettext('Status summary')) from_addr = '%s <%s>' % (config['GHC_SITE_TITLE'], config['GHC_ADMIN_EMAIL']) msg_text = msg.as_string() send_email(config['GHC_SMTP'], from_addr, to_addrs, msg_text) except Exception as err: msg = 'Cannot send email. Contact admin: ' LOGGER.warning(msg + ' err=' + str(err)) result.set(False, 'Cannot send email: %s' % str(err)) result.stop() # Add to overall Probe result self.result.add_result(result)