Source code for GeoHealthCheck.plugins.probe.wmsdrilldown

import random

from GeoHealthCheck.probe import Probe
from GeoHealthCheck.result import Result
from owslib.wms import WebMapService

[docs]class WmsDrilldown(Probe): """ Probe for WMS endpoint "drilldown": starting with GetCapabilities doc: get Layers and do GetMap on them etc. Using OWSLib.WebMapService. TODO: needs finalization. """ NAME = 'WMS Drilldown' DESCRIPTION = 'Traverses a WMS endpoint by drilling down from Capabilities' RESOURCE_TYPE = 'OGC:WMS' REQUEST_METHOD = 'GET' PARAM_DEFS = { 'drilldown_level': { 'type': 'string', 'description': 'How heavy the drilldown should be.', 'default': 'minor', 'required': True, 'range': ['minor', 'moderate', 'full'] } } """Param defs""" def __init__(self): Probe.__init__(self)
[docs] def perform_request(self): """ Perform the drilldown. See master/tests/doctests/wms_GeoServerCapabilities.txt """ wms = None # 1. Test capabilities doc, parses result = Result(True, 'Test Capabilities') result.start() try: wms = WebMapService(self._resource.url, headers=self.get_request_headers()) title = wms.identification.title self.log('response: title=%s' % title) except Exception as err: result.set(False, str(err)) result.stop() self.result.add_result(result) # 2. Test layers # TODO: use parameters to work on less/more drilling # "full" could be all layers. result = Result(True, 'Test Layers') result.start() try: # Pick a random layer layer_name = random.sample(wms.contents.keys(), 1)[0] layer = wms[layer_name] # TODO Only use EPSG:4326, later random CRS if 'EPSG:4326' in layer.crsOptions \ and layer.boundingBoxWGS84: # Search GetMap operation get_map_oper = None for oper in wms.operations: if == 'GetMap': get_map_oper = oper break format = None for format in get_map_oper.formatOptions: if format.startswith('image/'): break # format = random.sample(get_map_oper.formatOptions, 1)[0] self.log('testing layer: %s' % layer_name) layer_bbox = layer.boundingBoxWGS84 wms.getmap(layers=[layer_name], styles=[''], srs='EPSG:4326', bbox=(layer_bbox[0], layer_bbox[1], layer_bbox[2], layer_bbox[3]), size=(256, 256), format=format, transparent=False) self.log('WMS GetMap: format=%s' % format) # Etc, to be finalized except Exception as err: result.set(False, str(err)) result.stop() # Add to overall Probe result self.result.add_result(result)