Source code for GeoHealthCheck.resourceauth

import json
import logging
from plugin import Plugin
from factory import Factory
from util import encode, decode
from init import App
APP = App.get_app()
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ResourceAuth(Plugin): """ Base class for specific Plugin implementations to perform authentication on a Resource. Subclasses provide specific auth methods like Basic Auth, Bearer Token etc. """ def __init__(self): Plugin.__init__(self) self.resource = None self.auth_dict = None # Lifecycle
[docs] def init(self, auth_dict=None): """ Initialize ResourceAuth with related Resource and auth dict. :return: """ self.auth_dict = auth_dict
@staticmethod def create(auth_dict): auth_type = auth_dict['type'] auth_obj_def = ResourceAuth.get_auth_defs()[auth_type] auth_obj = Factory.create_obj( Factory.full_class_name_for_obj(auth_obj_def)) auth_obj.init(auth_dict) return auth_obj
[docs] @staticmethod def get_auth_defs(): """ Get available ResourceAuth definitions. :return: dict keyed by NAME with object instance values """ auth_classes = Plugin.get_plugins( baseclass='GeoHealthCheck.resourceauth.ResourceAuth') result = {} for auth_class in auth_classes: auth_obj = Factory.create_obj(auth_class) result[auth_obj.NAME] = auth_obj return result
def verify(self): return False
[docs] def encode(self): """ Encode/encrypt auth dict structure. :return: encoded string """ if not self.verify(): return None try: s = json.dumps(self.auth_dict) return encode(APP.config['SECRET_KEY'], s) except Exception as err: LOGGER.error('Error encoding auth: %s' % str(err)) raise err
[docs] @staticmethod def decode(encoded): """ Decode/decrypt encrypted string into auth dict. :return: encoded auth dict """ if encoded is None: return None try: s = decode(APP.config['SECRET_KEY'], encoded) return json.loads(s) except Exception as err: LOGGER.error('Error decoding auth: %s' % str(err)) raise err
def add_auth_header(self, headers_dict): auth_header = self.get_auth_header() if auth_header: headers_dict.update(auth_header) return headers_dict
[docs] def get_auth_header(self): """ Get encoded authorization header value from config data. Authorization scheme-specific. :return: None or dict with http auth header """ if not self.verify(): return None auth_val = self.encode_auth_header_val() if not auth_val: return None return {'Authorization': auth_val.replace('\n', '')}
def encode_auth_header_val(self): return None